Confessions of a Chronic Ghoster

Spooky Season is in full swing! And with Halloween almost upon us, I’d like to take a turn into some thematically appropriate topics:

You’ve all heard of “Ghosting”, presumably…While I can’t speak for every ghost out there, as a chronic Ghoster myself, I think I might be able to provide some insight into the phenomenon…

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Part 4: Cultures of Grief | Act 2: Grief Theatre

The Performance of Grief: What people expect from you and what you expect from people in return.

When you lose a loved one—anyone you hold dear—you will find yourself suddenly saddled, not only with the heaviness of Grief, but with a weight of voyeuristic expectation…

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Part 3: On Grief and Guilt

Now that I’ve shared my experience of loss, how I felt in the moment, I want to take some time to discuss and explore the After.
We like to say that everyone processes loss differently, but is that really true? I doubt it. I doubt that anything we experience is entirely unique. And that, my friends, is a damn good thing—because it means you are not alone…

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On Desire

There is something maddeningly seductive in depriving yourself of a desire you know you possess every power to fulfill. To be depraved is thrilling. Craving is more potent, more satisfying than satisfaction…

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You felt good today. Productive, healthy. You felt yourself opening up, letting go, shedding ages of uncertainty and awaiting something new to lift you up and away. You saw the future. You felt control and purpose. You felt light and free, floating—but not aimlessly. You felt at ease with what was to come…

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